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Our EVO Oil

Extra virgin olive oil made from Coratina Monocultivar

Extra virgin olive oil made from Coratina Monocultivar. This is the result of the 100% Made in Puglia production of the Di Niso brothers. The Coratina olive, whose name refers to the city of Corato, in the province of Bari, where its production originated, is today one of the oldest and most delicious varieties grown in our Puglia. The oil, characterized by its yellow-green color, slightly fruity on the palate, but also spicy and bitter, is considered a key component of the Mediterranean diet. An absolutely genuine, quality oil produced in purity, which guarantees numerous benefits to the body. The very high concentration of polyphenols makes this oil an excellent antioxidant, ideal for counteracting the signs of aging and preventing cardiovascular diseases. Thanks to its low acidity, it maintains its nutritional and health value over time. 100% Coratina oil is an oil with a strong taste, just a few drops are enough to be able to appreciate its unmistakable flavor, perfect for dressing meat, legumes and salads.

The Harvest

Innovation, tradition and dedication. These are the pillars of Di Niso’s production. Always attentive to the well-being of their olive trees, they constantly invest in innovation, by choosing cutting-edge harvesting tools and techniques. They use the polyconic vase pruning technique instead of the old traditional or dichotomous vase technique as the latter does not allow the plant’s potential to be fully expressed. The polyconic vase, being set on four branches, causes the plant to grow in a cone with the tip upwards, so that even the lowest part of the olive tree is well lit and aired and allows the olives to grow healthier. This pruning also facilitates harvesting, as thanks to the braccio scuotitore machine, the branches have the possibility of vibrating more easily as they are more slender and flexible. Each phase of the harvest is the result of careful organization and commitment on the part of each member of the Di Niso family.



Crucial to obtaining a very high quality oil is undoubtedly the milling a few hours after harvesting and processing by cold centrifugation. To respect the freshness of the olives, the Di Niso family relies on an equally excellent oil mill, able to guarantee compliance with hygiene standards but also maximum speed in processing. The oil obtained is stored in special stainless steel containers, which protect it from light and keep it at a constant temperature between 12 and 18 degrees, allowing it to be decanted, which is useful for implementing and preserving the organoleptic properties.

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