sottoli tipici di puglia agricola di niso

Discover our typical preserves from Apulia

Have you ever tasted our preserves? If not yet, now is the time to do so!
They are typical preserves of the Apulian culinary tradition of the farming world and they differ from other types of preserves because the freshly picked vegetables are dipped in extra virgin olive oil. Following the classic recipes of our land, we at Azienda Agricola Di Niso have created a range of products dedicated to this tradition of the past so that we can enjoy the delicacies that our land offers us at any time of the year.

Our vegetable preserves, have a unique feature: they are preserved only in extra virgin olive oil thus giving each product maximum authenticity and flavor. The intense taste and crunchy texture of each vegetable are an authentic experience for the palate.

We invite you to taste our preserves, all made with the highest quality ingredients and the passion and experience of a farming family that works with dedication and attention to every detail.


Authentic delicacies

Among our products of excellence, you can’t miss the Bella di Cerignola olives, a true experience for lovers of olives preserved in brine. Fleshy and large in size, these olives are characterized by an unparalleled crunchiness and a savory and delicious taste.

But not only olives: our line also includes split artichokes, cardoncelli mushrooms and dried tomatoes, all top-quality products packaged with the same care and attention as our extra virgin olive oil preserves. The unique flavor and the freshness of our ingredients will guarantee you an unparalleled culinary experience.

We are confident that our products will win you over with their goodness and authentic taste, the result of a long agricultural tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation. Come and discover our range of products, we are waiting for you with our treasures from Apulia.


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  • Split artichokes

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  • Cardoncelli mushrooms

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  • “Bella di Cerignola” Olives

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  • Dried Tomatoes

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