Extra virgin olive oil and cholesterol: a healthy alliance for your heart

Extra virgin olive oil and cholesterol: a healthy alliance for your heart

We at Azienda Agricola Di Niso know very well that health is everything. The well-being of our bodies is intrinsically linked to the health of our heart! But how can we keep our heart healthy? The heart is the pulsating engine of the cardiovascular system, a complex mechanism of blood vessels that transports not only blood but also oxygen and nutrients throughout our body. While a healthy lifestyle is essential, it is not enough on its own and must be supported by proper nutrition. As discussed in a previous article, the Mediterranean diet is a dietary regimen with tremendous health benefits. In fact, extra virgin olive oil is one of its most important components! Let’s now discover how extra virgin olive oil helps our body fight a dangerous opponent: bad cholesterol!

The Two Faces of Cholesterol

Bad cholesterol is undoubtedly an enemy of our body. However, there is also good cholesterol, and it is crucial to distinguish between the two. Bad cholesterol, also known as LDL, transports quantities of saturated fats in the bloodstream, leading to diseases such as strokes and atherosclerosis. On the other hand, good cholesterol, known as HDL, is a true defender of our body and acts antagonistically. It removes bad cholesterol from cells and tissues, directing it to the liver for prompt expulsion.

Our 100% Coratina extra virgin olive oil from Di Niso is rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which significantly raise levels of good cholesterol. It is an incredibly important and indispensable food for our health, with great beneficial and sensory properties. Another essential component is the presence of polyphenols, potent antioxidants that help prevent cellular aging and other chronic diseases, including heart-related ones.

What’s the Link Between Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Cholesterol?

The link between extra virgin olive oil and good cholesterol attests to the goodness of this food and has been proven by various studies. As early as the 2000s, many researches highlighted the beneficial effects of a diet based on EVOO. More recently, a study published in 2019 in the Journal of the American Heart Association investigated the connection between EVOO consumption and the incidence of heart diseases. The results not only demonstrated an improvement in cardiovascular health but also an enhancement in the activity of endothelial cells, which line the blood vessels and regulate blood pressure.

Scientific research has emphasized this essential and beneficial connection, affirming the excellence of Di Niso extra virgin olive oil as a faithful and fundamental ally for our body.

Choose Quality and Well-being with Di Niso Olive Oil

Health and quality often go hand in hand. Choosing Di Niso extra virgin olive oil means not only selecting a great ally for your body but also bringing to your table a delicious and high-quality product. Extra virgin olive oil is undoubtedly the most precious product our olive trees can offer, and it differs significantly from other refined oils.

How does it distinguish itself from these products? Thanks to innovative processing methods that give the final product unique characteristics. Azienda Agricola Di Niso uses only state-of-the-art machinery for cold-press extraction, a method that guarantees unparalleled organoleptic and nutritional qualities for a good and long-lasting oil!

Di Niso Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Perfect for the Mediterranean Diet

Di Niso extra virgin olive oil finds its rightful place in the Mediterranean diet, thanks to its tremendous beneficial and nutritional qualities. It is a true superfood that, when used wisely, can elevate our cuisine to new heights. And what’s better than following the advice of great chefs to season your dishes! With its medium-intense flavor and herbaceous aftertaste, you can add that special touch to salads, vegetables, and dishes based on fish or lean meat. A true delicacy for your table!

We at Azienda Agricola Di Niso know that choices are important, and each one can be crucial for our well-being. Our health depends on many choices, each with its significance. Choosing a diet composed of high-quality foods is a fundamental foundation, and extra virgin olive oil plays a pivotal role. Always choose Di Niso extra virgin olive oil, a special ally for your health and for your table!