Bag in box extra virgin olive oil

Bag in box extra virgin olive oil

Innovative, practical, and safe. These are the three key points of Azienda Agricola Di Niso’s bag-in-box packaging. We have created an eco-friendly product that is also reusable and recyclable. This packaging is designed to preserve the sensory properties of our 100% Coratina extra virgin olive oil, a result of the fertile lands of Puglia.

3 reasons to choose Di Niso’s bag-in-box

In this article, we will explore the advantages of this packaging format that is gaining increasing popularity among high-quality extra virgin olive oil enthusiasts.

Our bag in box is


This packaging format significantly reduces the use of plastic and contributes to waste reduction. Moreover, the bag-in-box is recyclable, ensuring a smaller ecological footprint compared to traditional glass bottles. Choosing the bag-in-box means taking care of the planet without compromising product quality.


Di Niso’s bag-in-box is extremely convenient to use. With its tap dispensing system, it is easy to handle and allows for precise dosage of extra virgin olive oil without any waste. It is ideal for everyday use in the kitchen, providing convenience and ease of use.

Symbol of Quality

The Di Niso bag-in-box extra virgin olive oil is designed to preserve freshness and quality. Thanks to its airtight seal, the oil is protected from oxidation and light, keeping its intense and spicy aroma, herbaceous and fruity flavor, and nutritional properties intact. You can enjoy high-quality oil until the last drop.

With Di Niso’s bag-in-box, you will have access to high-quality extra virgin olive oil that is practical to use, preserves freshness and product quality, and respects the environment.

Discover all the advantages of this innovative format, visit our shop, and purchase Azienda Agricola Di Niso’s bag-in-box extra virgin olive oil.