Coratina, the extra virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols

Coratina, the extra virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols

Did you know that the Coratina variety produces the richest extra virgin olive oil in polyphenols?

Goodness is a simple thing. When we taste a good extra virgin olive oil, our senses give us a very clear idea!

We know that high-quality oil has a distinct flavor, bitter and with an herbaceous aftertaste. This depends solely on the quality of the raw materials, cultivated and processed at the right degree of ripeness, and the rich presence of polyphenols, powerful natural antioxidants that prevent cellular aging and fight free radicals.

In short, oil is as beneficial as a miraculous medicine! Often, when we enjoy it with crispy bruschetta or a fresh salad, it leaves a particular sensory sensation in the throat, almost like a slight tingling.

But why does good extra virgin olive oil leave this sensation?

We have already mentioned that extra virgin olive oil is a product with tremendous health properties. And indeed, this perception is linked to its exceptional qualities.

Now, let’s find out why the oil leaves this distinctive sensation.

The sensation of spiciness when tasting the oil is mainly due to a very important monounsaturated fat for nutrition. It’s called oleic acid, a miraculous antioxidant that preserves cardiovascular health. In fact, in addition to having great antioxidant effects, it regulates the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, known as LDL. In short, a real panacea for the heart!

Not just oleic acid

Furthermore, the spicy sensation is also linked to the freshness and quality of the oil! At Azienda Agricola Di Niso, we cultivate the finest monocultivar Coratina olives, harvested and processed at the perfect degree of ripeness, to guarantee the taste of true, high-quality oil. We store it in our stainless steel containers, which protect it from sunlight and maintain it at an ideal temperature (12-18 degrees Celsius). Only in this way can we create a fresh and generous oil with tremendous health benefits for our bodies.

Bitter, spicy, with an herbaceous aftertaste and hints of almond and artichoke: these are the keywords for Azienda Agricola Di Niso, which has always aimed to offer you the best extra virgin olive oil, an exceptional product for your table and also for a healthy and balanced diet.

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