The milling

The milling

Milling is the first phase of the process of transforming the olive into oil. Milling is essentially a mechanical process, in which the olives are compressed to release the crude oil.

It is our concern to ensure that the time elapsed between harvesting and milling is as short as possible. It is precisely this, apparently small, detail that makes our oil of high quality. Over time we have learned that timing is essential in our work so that the fruits remain healthy and maintain all their organoleptic and nutritional properties.

We take care of separating and subsequently eliminating any leaves, branches and impurities from our olives before taking them to the “molazza”. The muller is a large millstone, weighing about 20 quintals, consisting of a tank with a granite bottom and two wheels, which, by performing a continuous and rotary movement, break the walls of the fruit making the so-called oil paste come out. containing water, oil and solid parts such as pulp, peel and stones.

Then kneading will follow, with the aim of breaking the emulsion between oil and water, extraction of the oil must and finally separation of the extra virgin olive oil.