Today there are several hundred types of Evo Oil in Italy, each with a different nuance of flavour, intensity of taste and aroma. Each type of oil, to be best valued, must enhance and harmonize the various ingredients present in a dish, not contrast them.

For us, Coratina Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil means home. It means the beauty of simple flavors that are never banal at the same time. This is exactly what we would like to tell you through our product. We would like you to feel in every drop of this oil, that ancient taste of good things, homemade, just like once upon a time.

The Monocultivar Coratina, having bitter and spicy scents, perfectly recalls the taste of all field herbs, especially red radicchio and wild chicory. Find an ideal combination in dishes with a strong and structured flavour.

We think it’s perfect, in fact if used raw on soups or legumes, but absolutely unmissable as a condiment for salads and raw vegetables. As Pugliesi DOC we can only recommend it in combination with homemade durum wheat bread, with fresh cherry tomatoes and a pinch of salt. Ours is an important oil, capable of enhancing flavors and moments and making them unforgettable.